Soft contact lenses The doctors at VQ Optometry are well versed in fitting spherical, toric, multifocal, and specialty soft contact lenses. With the continuous advancements of new soft, daily-disposable lenses, they are safer and more comfortable than ever before. Looking for a colour change? Ask one of the doctors [...]


VQ Optometry is fully equipped with diagnostic imaging technology. This equipment has progressed immensely over the past 20 years, and optometrists now have the ability to accurately detect the most minute changes in your eye health. Optometrists today are trained in the diagnosis and management of a wide range [...]


Your Alberta Health Care Card does more than you think! All Albertans have access to medical and urgent eye care provided by a Doctor of Optometry This means that, in the case of an eye-related emergency, you can skip the long wait at the ER and be seen by a [...]


Seniors ages 65 and older are covered by Alberta Health Care for up to two (2) comprehensive eye exams yearly. This is dependant on the doctor’s recommendation. Senior eye exams are important to ensure that ocular conditions related to aging are managed routinely and properly. An annual eyeglass prescription can [...]


Comprehensive eye exams for children includes: Binocular vision screening Colour vision screening Eyeglass prescription Eye health evaluation Comprehensive eye exams for children up through 18 years are covered by Alberta Health Care every year. This includes follow-up visits for children with new prescriptions and/or ocular health issues. Conditions [...]


Eye health evaluation includes Renewing your eyeglass prescription Diagnostic Retinal Imaging Glaucoma screening Dry eye/allergy screening Comprehensive ocular health examination Dilated Fundus exam What is it? The dilated fundus exam involves the use of medicated eye drops to enlarge the pupil. This will improve our doctor's ability [...]

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